Major responsibilities

1. Inspection, supervision and administration of import and export commodities
2. Safety quality license for import commodities
3. Inspection and supervision of import waste materials
4. Quality license for export commodities
5. Sanitation supervision and inspection of import food
6. Quarantine of entry and exit animals and plants
7. Inspection of transport packaging for export commodities (including dangerous goods)
8. Appraisal of foreign invested assets
9. Cargo stowage and damage survey
10. Health quarantine and supervision of entry-exit passengers
11. Sanitary quarantine and treatment of entry-exit means of transport and goods
12. Issuance and management of Certificate of Origin and GSP Certificate of Origin
13. Certification and accreditation of quality system
14. Supervision and administration of foreign-oriented inspection, quarantine, appraisal and certification bodies, All Rights Reserved