Quarantine Approval for Entry (Transit) Animals, Plants and Their Products

1. Project Name
Quarantine Approval for Entry (Transit) Animals, Plants and Their Products (see Annex 1 for Catalogue of Commodities Subject to Quarantine Approval)
2. Licensing Conditions
(1) No major animal and plant epidemics in the exporting country or region;
(2) To comply with the relevant laws and regulations on animal and plant quarantine in China;
(3) To comply with the bilateral quarantine agreement signed between China and exporting country or region (including quarantine agreement, protocol, MOU etc.);
(4) The quarantine approval procedures shall be completed before the trade contact or agreement is signed.
3. Implementation Bodies
SHCIQ is the acceptance body (Room 224, No.1208, Minsheng Road. Tel: 68549999-12830), and AQSIQ is the approval authority.
The products like meat, casing, raw hide, raw wool, raw feather/down, raw bone, raw hoof, raw horn, silkworm cocoon and plant growing media, tobacco, and products requiring special permit that are not processed in Shanghai shall be accepted by the destination bureau directly under the AQSIQ.
4. Procedures
i. The applicant shall apply to the acceptance body and submit relevant materials (see Annex 2 for the catalogue of materials required).
ii. The acceptance body shall, based on the completeness and compliance with legal form of the submitted materials, decide whether to accept the application or not, and issue a written document as prescribed.
iii. After accepting the application, the acceptance body shall examine the application materials thoroughly according to the regulation, if necessary, it shall conduct on-site audit on the applicant. After preliminary review, the acceptance body shall submit the comments of preliminary review to the AQSIQ.
iv. The AQSIQ shall decide whether to approve licensing or not by reviewing the application materials and comments of preliminary review. If approved, the “Quarantine Permit for Entry Animals and Plants” shall be issued within 10 working days; if not, the “Notice for Not Approving the Application for the Quarantine Permit of Entry Animals and Plants” shall be issued within 10 working days.
5. Time Limit for Examination
The decision of whether to approve licensing or not shall be made within 20 workdays from the date of acceptance (The time of on-site audit is not included, which shall be notified by the acceptance body at the time of acceptance).


Annex 1
Catalogue of Entry Animals and Plants Subject to Quarantine Approval
1. Animal Quarantine Approval
(1) Live animals: domesticated or wild live animals (such as livestock, poultry, beast, snake, tortoise, shrimp, crab, shellfish, fish, silkworm and bee), embryo, semen, zygote, breeder egg and other animal genetic materials;
(2) Edible animal products: meat and meat products including viscera, fresh egg, and fresh milk;
(3) Inedible animal products: hide, hair, bone, hoof and horn and their products, gelatin, silkworm cocoon, feedstuff of animal origin and feed additive, fish meal, meat meal, bone meal, meat and bone meal, grease, blood meal, blood, and organic fertilizer containing animal ingredient.
2. Plant Quarantine Approval
(1) Fruits and vegetables: fresh fruits, tomatoes, eggplants and pepper fruits.
(2) Tobacco: tobacco leaf and tobacco sheet.
(3) Cereals: wheat, maize, paddy, barley, rye, sorghum, etc.
(4) Legumes: soybean, mung bean, pea, red bean, broad bean and chick-pea, etc.
(5) Potatoes: potato, cassava, sweet potato, etc. and their processed products.
(6) Feedstuffs: wheat bran, bean cake, bean dregs, etc.
(7) Others: plant growing media
3. Special Approval
Animal and plant pathogen (including bacterial species or viral species), pest and other harmful organism
Animals, plants and their products, and other quarantine objects from the country or region where the animal and plant epidemic is prevalent
Animal corpse
4. Quarantine Approval for Transit Animals
Transit animals


Annex 2
Catalogue of Materials Required
(1) To apply for import of the objects prohibited from entering the country under Paragraph 1, Article 5 of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Entry and Exit Animal and Plant Quarantine for the purpose of such particular needs as scientific research, etc., the applicant shall submit the following documents: 1. certificate from the higher competent department; the enterprise applicant shall also submit a photocopy of the business license. 2. to explain in detail the species, place of origin, special need for import, usage and administrative measures.
To apply for the import of cell strain, blood serum, embryo and semen, etc., the applicant shall submit the epidemic prevention measures upon entry into China, and scientific research project approval certificate as approved at provincial or ministerial level, as well as the report indicating the quantity, usage, way of import, and isolation and epidemic prevention measures upon entry, and the audit report issued by Pujiang Bureau after completing the audit, before handling the written application.
(2) Applying for Quarantine Permit of Transit Animals
The applicant shall submit the import license for the batch of animals as issued by the official animal quarantine department of the importing country or region.
(3) Import of Casing and Meat
i. The applicant shall present the previous license in both original and duplicate (including the record of cancellation after verification); if it has been cancelled after verification on the internet, the applicant shall present the latest pre-verification sheet; If it is the first time to import casing or meat, the applicant shall provide the explanation concerning the import of the product for the first time;
ii. For the import of animal products such as meat that are supplied to hotels, restaurants, and international flights, the applicant shall offer the name list and certificate of the users, and also indicate the product name, place of origin, quantity and weight.
iii. For the import of meat products for direct sale, the applicant shall provide the storage agreement signed with the cold store filed with SHCIQ for storage of meat products;
iv. For the products processed by the processing establishment approved and appointed by the AQSIQ, the applicant shall submit the original processing agreement (or contract) signed between the two parties, as well as the assessment report issued by the branches of SHCIQ.
(4) For the import of raw wool, hide, unscoured down and feather that are processed and stored by the processing and storage establishments approved and appointed by the AQSIQ, the applicant shall submit the original processing (or storage) agreement (or contract) signed between the two parties, as well as the assessment report issued by the branches of SHCIQ.
(5) Import of Feedstuffs of Animal Origin 
i. The storage agreement signed with the storage company in Shanghai area where the batch of goods is stored shall be provided;
ii. The Feedstuff Registration License issued by the Ministry of Agriculture;
iii. For the import of mixed animal feed and feed additive, the animal products from which the animal albumen in the feed ingredients derives shall be indicated.
(6) To transact the entry quarantine approval of animals (including live aquatic animals for direct consumption), the “Temporary Quarantine Station License” shall be provided.
(7) To transact the approval of rejected animals or animal products, the specific reason of rejection as well as all the export documents including quarantine certificate shall be provided.
(8) For the import of GMO products, the “temporary certificate” or label of GMO products issued by the Ministry of Agriculture shall be provided.
(9) To transact the approval of grain, plant feedstuff, tobacco or growing media, the storage or processing conditions, and the administrative measures for epidemic prevention of import goods shall be provided.
(10) If the document attached is not included in the list, the enterprise shall fill in the column of “other document attached”.

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